Making Safety Being A Habit

Cloudopt is probably the most powerful security plug-in in the eastern hemisphere, able to protect your security, prevent tracking, malicious domain names, filter banner ads, pop-up ads, and video ads in real time.

At the end of last year, we were considered why there was not a browser extension that had both security features and blocking harassment ads. Then, we spend half a year for planning, prototyping, visual design, development, testing with friends and colleagues after we finally completed the 1.0 version in the United States in June. We invited many friends to conduct a two-month closed beta. For the best performance, Cloudopt's backend framework, ORM, is a self-developed framework designed to better fit the browser, designed according to the Material Design specification, and polished to enhance the user experience.

Now Cloudopt can do :

1.Intercept common malicious advertising.

2.Speed up the page load,save bandwidth,and block advertising and popup windows.

3.Intercept various spy-wares,advertising software and dial-up installer.

4.Protect user privacy by intercepting common on third-party tracking systems.

5.Protect user against malicious and phishing attacks.

6.Protect user from harassment and fraud calls.

7.Prevent scripts from dangerous sites to download software.


1.Reputation Evaluation

In process of product planning,we’ve been trying to break through existing security extensions, and the pattern of harassing and intercepting extensions, like traditional websites that use a white and black model. In Cloudopt, we are using a way of machine learning to conduct a dynamic assessment of the company from popularity, net-friend evaluation, news evaluation, court decision and the safety identification of third-party security agencies etc, after giving a credit score, like 0-40 points are dangerous, and 40-60 points are a potential risk, and 60 or more is safe.

If you want to know the reputation assessment and other user evaluation of the site that you are visiting after clicking the check credit report for reviews from Plug-in pop up window.

If you are a worker from internet company or knowledgeable about the internet, we suggest that you open up potential threat protection.

2.Phishing site intercept

3.Intercept Phone Number

Cloudopt will help you to identify the phone number of Malicious, harassment, fraud, intermediary from websites in the country you live and the process of your browsing the real-time tips.

4.Harassment and Privacy Protection

Now, Cloudopt can automatically prevent analytics websites from tracking or recording your activities, and it can prevent common types of harassment advertising.



5.Safe tips

Phishing sites are proliferating, and even with the techniques of reputation assessment. It’s hard to tell what a phishing site is, and what a real website is. So when you visit it some common e-commerce, banking, and game websites, security prompts will be automatically popped up, but you should be noticed when there is no security hint.

We tend to add bookmarks to our web pages, not necessarily to see them, but rather to search, so Cloudopt provides you with a bookmark search function. When you search for keywords on the search engine, the bookmark will be displayed automatically, if it is matching. Currently, we support Google, Bing, and Baidu.

7.Full SSL Encryption Protection

Because Cloudopt uses cloud security to provide better protection for you, so you need to connect to the Cloudopt security center. In order to protect your data, it does not leak under an insecure network. We provide the whole of the SSL link and has passed Qualys SSL labs of A-level certificate for you.

8.Safety keyboard

When you open the interface, it will automatically pop up. If you enter your password, It will protect you from the threat of eavesdropping on the keyboard. It also supports the Qwerty layout and Workman layout, which can be easily used whether you are a regular user or a geek

10.Why It can not compatibility the role of abp

The abp is under the GPL 3.0 protocol, so it should be open source according to the protocol, and the same masters should follow GPL's open source. So if you don't open source must be your own, and the rules of abp method because all local by traversal read so is the use of similar to the regular method and the Cloudopt is not this model, so the json writing. We did it all by ourselves, just for the sake of the user's habit of referring to the abp naming and partial syntax, so we couldn't subscribe to the abp rules.

11.Be friendly with your phone

Now more and more mobile browser support browser extensions, so we focus on optimizing the phone display effect, is probably the most friendly security for mobile browsers currently, block malicious AD the plug-in.

11.Contrast with similar AD blocking plug-ins, privacy protection plug-ins, etc

The biggest difference is that others extension don't have clouds, but Cloudopt has clouds. The response is more timely and agile. It also offers 7x24 hours of gold. You can contact us if you have any questions during your use.

Cloudtopt help center:

Similar AD blocking plug-ins have weak security features, and are used to subscribe to a certain rule to achieve AD blocking. However,Cloudopt abandoned the traditional pattern of blacklist, by using machine learning to a web site from the awareness, a net friend evaluation, evaluation of news, the court ruled, third-party security agencies safety appraisal and so on dimension for dynamic evaluation of the company, give a credit score, thus effectively solve the traditional blacklist mode cannot website legitimate but word of mouth is very poor of safety appraisal.

Meanwhile, Cloudopt has better performance and lower occupancy because of cloud.

Compare with other advertising screen plug-in is not the same, the expansion of the traditional is by prior to subscribe to one or a few rules to achieve the purpose of shielding advertising, the server these rules or maintainer is not highly reliable, can also lead to a lot of redundancy. In addition, Cloudopt is based on your actual visit to the cloud security center to get the latest rules that match your actual visit to the site to block malicious, intrusive, illegal advertising and content. We think that malicious harassment advertising can also be as is a kind of content, so early in the design reference for the design of cloud security antivirus software, report a poisoned the immune mechanism. All users who use Cloudopt will be "immunized" if they are identified as malicious or illegal content and included in the cloud security center.

Of course, you can understand that Cloudopt is a superset of these extensions. Cloudopt is constantly improving and improving, and if you have good ideas you can contact us at any time.

12.Overall opening

We open up the site reputation assessment and the phone number reputational assessment API to developers. You can check our API documents in

How to obtain

Regular user

If you are a regular user, you can access the website’s installation page, after select your own browser to get or download the plugin.

If you are using Chrome, and you can not open the market of Google official. We suggest that you can select ‘Other’to download CRX file and drag it to the browser extension page.


If you have any suggestion or good ideas that you want to feedback, you can choose any one way to submit it to us from . Of course, you can also click the Need Help in the lower right corner of the website, after our staff will talk to you.

We hope to make security to be a habit rather than a burden by Cloudopt.

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