Cloudopt Extensions v1.2.2

Cloudopt Extensions v1.2.2

We hope that every release will make you feel our sincerity!


  1. Support to login Cloudopt account.
  2. Custom subscription rules are finally supported with feedback from many users, but the functionality is still being tested and only recommended for veteran users.

  3. Support DNS preloading function.

  4. support the web preloading function.

  5. Adjust the potential threat score from 0-40 to 0-30.

  6. Replace the default primary rules file for AD blocking to improve compatibility.


  1. Repair the problem where daily live event statistics were sent repeatedly.
  2. Repair Incompatibility with Baidu's cloud sharing interface.

  3. Repair Netease login is not compatible.

  4. Repair the issue of blocked images of goods on Alibaba's website

  5. Repair problems with low-score websites will be blocked. When a potential threat is shut down,

  6. Repair the problem with clicking on the intercept page to see the reputation assessment report will still open a new window to the blocked website.

  7. Repair the error reporting of 360 browser installation package.

How to update?

If you download it in the browser market, wait for the official review to be completed automatically upgrade without manual updates.

If you are manually installed and the version is larger than 1.2.0, it will be automatically updated. If you can't automatically update successfully, you can try the following methods.

If you are manually installed and the version is lower than 1.0.4. You need uninstall the original plug-in and download the installation again in After installation, if you find that the installed version is different from the current version of the update history, you can try to clear the browser cache and reopen the , and download installation.

If you have any suggestion or feedback, you can be readily available to us at any advice in the

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