Cloudopt Extensions v1.2.0

We hope that every release will make you feel our sincerity!


  1. Optimize the Chinese region through the cloud security center to get the country you live for the slow problem.
  1. Static resource files (such as rule files) are transferred to a distributed storage service, enabling the new record related domain name “”

3.Delete tips for dangerous phone number

  1. Add new browser mining interception.

  1. The cloud security center has been upgraded comprehensively with the technology of flow computing and improving the reputation evaluation algorithm. The evaluation speed is increased by 20%, and the accuracy is increased by 30%.
  1. Cloudopt will be no longer transmit the full URL for protecting your privacy.
  1. The new API will be launched, the extension of the old version will be extended by three days, and the old API will be completely discontinued after three days.


1.Fix the BUG of Opening or closing for an AD blocker that must restart the browser before it takes effect.

2.Repair the BUG by automatically adding whitelist or manually adding whitelist must restart the browser before it takes effect.

3.Repair the problem that the first installation will also bring up the update history.

  1. The update history will automatically open the corresponding page according to the browser language.

  2. The automatic whitening list will not be open for the first time when the first run is extended.

  3. Repair the problem of the country automatically added whitelist does not take effect after installation.

  4. Repair the problem of the AD shield cannot be fully effective in some cases.

8.Repair the BUG that a dangerous website cannot open.

How to update?

If you download it in the browser market, wait for the official review to be completed automatically upgrade without manual updates.

If you are manually installed, and the version is more significant than 1.2.0, it will be automatically updated. If you can't automatically update successfully, you can try the following methods.

If you are manually installed, and the version is lower than 1.0.4. You need uninstall the original plug-in and download the installation again in After installation, if you find that the installed version is different from the current version of the update history, you can try to clear the browser cache and reopen the , and download installation.

If you have any suggestion or feedback, you can be readily available to us at any advice in the\#help.

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