Cloudopt Extensions v1.0.7

We hope that every release will make you feel our sincerity!


1.Cloudopt with dozens of third-party security agencies to provide users with real-time and stronger security for protecting. Now it supports the ability to identify dangerous sites without completing the credit evaluation. The recognition rates increased by 300%, and the speed increased by 100% for malicious websites, phishing websites, and others.

2.Cloudopt’s malicious AD feature base is three times larger, covering more countries and regions after a month of continuous learning.

3.Adjust the location of Cloudopt Light in the setting interface and enhance the technology. After opening, it will effectively improve the performance. The new user will open the function by default and the old user needs to start manually. (it will result in less advertising, but performance improvement)

4.Cloudopt supports the identification of China’s third-grade class-A hospital website and safety tips for problems that too many advertisements for hospitals in China. If there are misreport or omitting, you can contact us at any time through the help center.

5.Support Firefox and 360 browsers.

6.Add the report button in the drop-down menu.

7.Add translation tools at the bottom of the website to convert the official website to your familiar language.

8.Increase Baidu cloud download channel.

9.White list supports the removal of a key.

10.It will automatically remove element when the iframe is intercepted.

11.Now screen the elements on the page is removed directly not hiding.

12.Now, if the custom rule is consistent CSS, It won't be repeated.

13.The result of bookmark search supports to pack up and supports the Google search international site.

14.The update history will automatically pop up when the update is successful.

15.Now add the whitelist successfully, the input box will be automatically cleared so that you can enter again.


1.Fix the conflict with GuGe Docs.

2.Repair the conflict with Letv video.

3.Repair QQ browsers cannot save custom rules.

4.Using QQ browsers Settings pages can cause the switch to jump in some case.

5.The length of the English in page is too long in Popup browsers

6.Bookmark search is failure in Firefox browsers.

How to update?

If you download it in the browser market, wait for the official review to be completed automatically upgrade without manual updates.

If you are manually installed and the version is larger than 1.0.4, it will be automatically updated. If you can't automatically update successfully, you can try the following methods.

If you are manually installed and the version is lower than 1.0.4. You need uninstall the original plug-in and download the installation again in After installation, if you find that the installed version is different from the current version of the update history, you can try to clear the browser cache and reopen the , and download installation.

If you have any suggestion or feedback, you can be readily available to us at any advice in the

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