Cloudopt Extensions v1.0.4


1.Support whale browser and add Korean version.

2.Add the option of 360 browser installation

3.Add the safety keyboard. When the settings screen opens, and enter your password, it automatically pops up to protect you from the threat of listening and the keyboard of Trojan horse.

Secure keyboard

The secure keyboard supports both the Qwerty layout and the Workman layout, and you can easily get used to it, whether you're a regular user or a geek.

4.Now, entering C in the browser address bar, after pressing tab to use the quick query function.

Quick query

You can enter the number or URL in the quick query bar after it will automatically open the corresponding security report page.

5.It restructures engine that shields the malicious advertising that better effect and better performance.

Before :


6.Addition mechanism of the white list is optimized, and now the white list will also be active at the same time for both the web page and the specific request.

7.Optimized for prompts of automatically adding white list, it's still the first time you start the plug-in, but it doesn't automatically disappear.

8.Number query page of the national choice, now it will be based on the location of visitors automatically positioning, and commonly used national ranking up, convenient for users to choose.

Number inquiry

9.Now clicking on the button on the block, it will automatically open the security report page to allow users to view the blocked reason.

10.Optimize the English display setting interface, so that it makes people look more comfortable.

11.Improved phone number, reputation, the speed of evaluation, and now almost returned on the spot without waiting.

12.Reduces local cache time, and enables faster access to the latest reputation evaluation results.

13.Starting with the 1.0.4 release, even if not through the browser application market, the download will be automatically updated.


1.Fix bookmarks search. when the search box text is empty, it will show all bookmarks problems.

2.Fixes in some cases. It can cause browser extensions to be saved and displayed as open problems.

3.Fix the evaluations. When the credit evaluation is complete, the user searches for the problems that are still being evaluated.

4.Fixes in some cases. Assessment of incomplete completion results in an extended display site score of 0.

How to update ?

If you download it in the browser market, wait for the official review to be completed automatically upgrade without manual updates.

If you are manually installed. First, you need uninstall the original plug-in and download the installation again in After installation, if you find that the installed version is different from the current version of the update history, you can try to clear the browser cache and reopen the , and download installation.

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